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Happy New Year!

Bjorck, Jan 2, 12 11:48 AM.
It's 2012, and now that the the first hangover of the year finally left my head I like to wish all members a very healthy and happy new year!

We've seen an incredible first year of our guild, it's hard to believe it only started 12 months ago. Personally, I found it very satisfying to see the guild grow, both in members and in activity. We created theme nights, at one point up to 4 per week! We had a long period where we had guild members online at each hour of the day, seven days per week. We saw an incredible amount of guild achievements, people having a laugh and - for me personally - new friendships. I am extremely proud of the whole overlords culture and I think it's unique for Draenor, and probably one of the nicest guilds in all of WoW.

That said, I do feel I owe everybody my apologies for not being able to be as involved as I was for the last part of the year. As some of you know, in my personal life I experienced a severe burn-out several years ago, and have been recovering ever since. All your kind words, the love and support you gave me and all the things we achieved together gave me the confidence to make that final step back into society. And in september that all resulted in a job and - even better - the rediscovery of love, music and friendship. It was one of the most memorable years of my life and I feel I'm in debt to all members, past and present, who mostly unknowingly (but some more active than I ever dreamt possible...) helped me make this leap forward. Anyway, if ever somebody tells you gaming ruins lives, tell them my story. Couldn't have done it without the guild.

Looking forward, 2012 will be a year where I hope to consolidate all the things we have accomplished. We will see Mists of Pandaria coming out I'm sure, and I expect that it will pull in new and returning players. I hope we can use that to build the guild further and have a lot of fun together. But what the future holds? Nobody knows. So I raise my glass to the future, the members that make this guild what it is and... Overlords of Orgrimmar!

Cheers people :)

Bastion of Orgrimmar

Bjorck, Oct 11, 11 12:50 PM.

The Bastion of Twilight is ours! Yes, the unexpected happened, we actually killed all bosses in a cataclysm raid instance. Of course, a win like this doesn't happen unless you have decent knowledge of the fights. Many Overlords gave their life to get us this information. Many times over. But in the end, 20-ish wipes was enough, and Cho'Gall had no answer...

Beside a big success for the guild, it is also a testimony to Anorcy's determination to get a raid team going. So, a big thank you to Anorcy, and of course everybody past or current who contributed to the raid team!


Bjorck, Sep 18, 11 8:12 AM.

Making your way in the World today, takes every buff you got. Taking a break from all your dailies sure would help a lot! Wouldn't you like to get away?

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your chars. And there's pools and seats and bars. You wanna go where guildies know the troubles in-game you face...You wanna go to Gallywix's Pleasure Place*.

*Gallywix's Pleasure Palace, located in in Western Azshara, is an impressive bar / resort area overlooking the valleys of Kalimdor. It has become a meeting point for members of Overlords of Orgrimmar in the past few weeks. Hop on over and have a Coconut Rum or a Banana Cocktail with us :)

Raider Availabilty

Bjorck, Sep 1, 11 1:22 PM.

Recently we saw a successful test run of our cataclysm raiding team. Granted, in terms of bosses downed the success is debatable, but we had a guild group of well-geared, highly motivated players that gave me the conviction at least that Overlords has all that's needed to start raid progression in the current content.

In order to streamline this process I have asked Anorcy, who was instrumental in the test run, if he would be interested in taking responsibility for the raid team. I'm very happy to announce that he agreed to become Overlords of Orgrimmar's first Raid Officer. Congratulations, Anorcy!

Sígg in the meantime showed another direction that our guild is going: His Late Night PvP events attracted enough people to make it an official part of our weekly event calendar. What this means is that Sígg is now our PvP coordinator, and you can ask him about all guild events that involve massacring Alliance.

We are now in the process of forming a cataclysm raid team, and Anorcy needs your feedback. To this end, we ask you to apply on the forum in this thread, and let us know on which evenings you would be available for raids. Based on the input we get he will put a team together. If needed, we will continue to recruit high level players until we have a team, but theoretically we should have enough people in the guild. So please, go the thread, copy/paste the availability scheme, let us know which nights suit you, and we can start obliterating the raid bosses of cataclysm!

WoW Live Streams this Weekend

Bjorck, Aug 5, 11 1:49 PM.

It appears that if you have a working computer (hi Sygg) and Internet (hi again, Sygg!), there's other things to do besides WoW: You can watch WoW! This weekend there is an interesting amount of Warcraft related live streams available, and I thought I'd share them with you.

First of all, we have the premiere of the World of Warcraft documentary "The Raid". Rather than another view of how games destroy delicate children's brains, it is a positive story about gaming, and raiding in particular. It follows the guild Months Behind for over 3 months while they progressed through heroic Icecrown on 10-man. Of course, a doc like this needs to premiere on the internet, so you can see it on, or on any of the Curse sites, live on August 7th from 3 AM... Gamebreaker will be rerunning the show for 72 hours after the first broadcast, so check back if you forgot to set the alarm.

Also, from tomorrow noon, there will be a live stream of the European regional finals for Blizzcon 2011. Each year, the top arena teams of the world compete during Blizzcon for "riches and glory". Who goes to the States for Europe is going to be determined this weekend. The European finals are broadcasted via live stream, and include both WoW and Starcraft II matches.


Bjorck, Jul 27, 11 10:03 AM.

If you have a job, you probably get a salary, health- and pension benefits, maybe a car, and... a boss! Yes, most companies will provide bosses for free. They sit around their little lair, doing the occasional voice-emote or enrage, and generally you hope that his/her actions will not hinder your progression. A real life boss is not much different from a Warcraft one, although there is a noticable difference...

You get to beat up WoW bosses :)

And that's what we plan for tonight. If you have signed up and log on 20:45 SERVER TIME, you will be boss-beating in no time. The managers and supervisors of Baradin Hold have made sure they have some personnel left, so after we deal with those we'll just walk into their office and get the (raid)-party started... HOT!

In best Overlords tradition, there will be no tacts until wipe ... However, if you want to come prepared and be the Orgrimmarian that tells everybody to "listen up and listen gud" here's a couple of links that will help you:

You called, little shaman?

Bjorck, Jun 17, 11 5:58 AM.

Did you miss him? I did. Thrall may think he's got important stuff to do at the Maelstrom, but Garrosh, in the meantime, is happily destroying all that the Horde has become in the years that our former Warchief was in charge. To make matters worse: Have a look at this preview of patch 4.2, and see what terrible things Thrall is unleashing in his attempt to save Azeroth.

Apart from the continuing story of Cataclismic events, there's gonna be some changes – like in every patch. Most notably in my opinion, you will have to make sure you spend your valor points and conquest points: as 4.2 hits the live servers, all those point will be converted to justice points and honor points respectively. If that will make you go over the cap of 4000 points you will receive a compensation in the mail. So if you were saving your points up to buy gear, make sure you spend them before the new patch goes live!

Full patch notes here
Wowhead's patch day survival guide

I hear ya...

Bjorck, Jun 11, 11 7:06 PM.

After several attempts, Overlords is finally on speaking terms. Meaning, we have Teamspeak! Slivvy set up a beautiful server for the guild: Our very own guild house with rooms for everybody and everything. Want to do a dungeon? Get your party to the dungeon rooms.. PvP? We got dedicated rooms for that as well. Have a look in the set-up thread, and you could be chatting away within minutes...

Guild Powerrr

Bjorck, May 27, 11 7:39 AM.
Jumbo shrimps. Guest host. Military intelligence. How do we come up with these things? Aren't these words mutually exclusive? Well, today you can add another to the list of paradoxical concepts: Horde Democracy... Yes, we need you to vote!

First of all there's the question of what to do on our Monday night guild events. Several members have voiced an interest in organizing more pvp within the guild, and we have tested it out by changing Monday from wotlk raid to fight club night... The result, of course, was that other members wanted their Monday raid night back. Since all we want is for you to have an enjoyable night with your guildies, we ask some input from you. Sygg put up a poll in the forum and we strongly urge you to vote so we know what direction to take. Of course, the thread is open to comments as well, for those who have a more balanced opinion than the traditional yes/no/maybe.

Secondly, we can come up with many more ideas for guild events – most of them lousy :P – but maybe you have some good plans. Do not keep them to yourself, but post them in the forum and help Sygg and me to organize the next great event that you want to tell all your friends about (but decide not to because it makes you look geeky). Have a go... you're amongst peers.

Forum Watch

Bjorck, May 6, 11 8:52 AM.

It's good to see that the forum starts to come alive. In the past week we saw several new, interesting or plain roflcopter, posts appear. For your convenience, I give you some of the highlights in the forum right now:

  • Inside the forum you will find information and pictures of some of your guildies. Finally all those questions you were afraid to ask will be answered. Why is Slivvy online, yet at work all the time? Is it wise to even let Sygg near a computer? Is Bjorck male or female!? The answers are in the Introduce Yourself sub forum. And while you are there, why not post a bit about yourself as well...

  • Addons, not many people play Warcraft completely without. We wonder what addons are an absolute must-have for you? In this thread you can read what others use, and post your own tips for essential addons. 

  • Something wrong with your PC? Is playing WoW giving you troubles? You can ask Sajuta, our in-house support specialist. Go to this sub forum and post your question, or you can even let him fix it for you via the Internet.  

  • Turn your screenshots into a comic book! I found a website where you can upload images, and add textballoons. Potentially a lot of fun. Is this of interest to the creative people in the guild? Let us know in the comments, or post your own creations in this thread.

    Remember that although access to the guild site does not require registration, for posting you will need to create an account. After creation, I will need to approve your membership, but if you give me a /w in-game that can be handled immediately. In other cases it may take up to a day, but usually much faster.



Bjorck, May 1, 11 6:52 AM.

Introduced to WoW a bit over 2 years ago, Ulduar has long been the pinnacle of PvE experience. And tomorrow, it's the Overlords of Orgrimmar's location for a party: At the very place that serves as prison for the old god Yogg-Saron.

That's all the motivation I need. Grab your chance and your (minimum level 80) character, open your calendar, click on the raid and sign up! As always, everybody is invited to join.

Below I have included some more links for reference:

Northrend Raiders

Bjorck, Apr 23, 11 3:33 PM.

You probably know that Overlords of Orgrimmar has been doing Friday Night Guild Runs for some time now. And we will continue to use Fridays for runs where everybody can join and enjoy some of the "hardcore" content under the safe (ahem... ) guidance of our officers. At the same time, several of us were looking for more challenging encounters, and we decided to open a second raid night: The WOTLK raid on Monday, where we will fight our way through Northrend instances, hopefully some day facing Arthas himself... and get a mount!

We aim to start Monday with the Vault of Archavon. These encounters are going to be more difficult than we are used to, but also more enjoyable in terms of tactics and cooperation. As is traditional in our guild, everybody that qualifies (level 80+ for Wrath dungeons) is welcome to come along: you don't need achievs, gearscores, or a note from your parents. However, since the fights are going to get harder, we ask you to take some time in getting to know the encounters. So, for next Monday, here are some links about the bosses we are going to meet in the Vault of Archavon:

Emalon the Storm Watcher: Wowhead
Koralon the Flame Watcher: Tankspot Video, Wowhead
Toravon the Ice Watcher: Wowhead
Archavon the Stone Watcher: Wowhead

As always, check your calendar for starting times, and to sign up. Hope to see everybody next Monday evening.

Guild news on your mobile

Bjorck, Apr 16, 11 4:54 AM.
So, Overlords of Orgrimmar is on your mind whatever you do, where ever you go. Wouldn't it be good to see what's going on when you are not online? Of course it wouldn't. It wouldn't change a thing. But it's a gimmick and we all love gimmicks :) So have a look at this guide on how to set up guild news feeds for your mobile device!

Blackrock Boogie-Woogie

Bjorck, Apr 13, 11 6:00 AM.

I am a lonely lover of everything Blackrock Mountains. Ofcourse, I too fall of chains into the lava, I too get lost in the bazillion hallways and rooms, I too have stood before locked doors wondering for days how to open them... But this is the historical cradle of the – then corrupted - Horde in Azeroth and it always feels like great lore is just around the corner.

The Overlords ventured into the raiding instances of the massive mountain. First up was the Molten Core, a favorite of many old-school WoWers. After grouping up we entered this dark, burning place where some fire-mages discovered that npc's that are already on fire are not bothered by their spells. Once inside, Redotas was kind enough to guide us to several bosses, and eventually we stood face to face with the Lord of all fire elementals, Ragnaros.

Ragnaros, several millenia old, put up a great fight given his age. It was a futile attempt and his fall rose our confidence levels. So, since we were in the neighbourhood anyway, we took a short break and moved to pay Blackwing Lair a visit. I do not know about you, but I got a feeling we were not welcome. First of all, we had to move through some other people's quarters, who were obviously not happy with our presence. And next, well... A picture says it all:

Despite ending in wipes, many of you let me know that they had a great time. And that's exactly what the Friday Night Guild Run Fun is all about. You don't need to be geared, trained, or blessed by Garrosh himself. All you have to be is an Overlord of Orgrimmar. With that, I'd like to conclude by inviting the guild to next Friday's event. Your calendar has all the details.

Victory or Ress!

Times, they are a-changing...

Bjorck, Apr 6, 11 5:32 AM.

In the beginning, there were guilds. And the guilds were many and chaotic, and Lozii said: Let there be Overlords of Orgrimmar...

Shortly after the introduction of guild reputation and achievements in late 2010, Lozii and Toedipper founded the Overlords of Orgrimmar on Draenor. Together, they ran a highly succesful Alliance guild on Steamwheedle Cartel, and after the Shattering they decided to start up a second guild: For the Horde!

I remember doing my first couple of quests in Azshara when I received a compelling whisper from Loz: would I like to join their guild? Yes, why not, I thought. This was back in January 2011. In those first few weeks I started leveling with my now veteran guildmates: If I remember correctly we only had two active level 85's at the time: Sajuta and Aistiharha. But we all liked the guild and – as I did – quickly forgot about our previous "mains" and realms.

In the course of February we started to see less and less of our founders. Toedipper and Lozii's original guild started to suffer under the work they had put in growing and managing Overlords of Orgrimmar. So we decided that, as they were catching up with their responsibilities for the "Stormwind Knights", I kept an eye on the day-to-day management of Overlords of Orgrimmar.

In the last few weeks we slowly started to realize that this way of working just wasn't sustainable. Lozii and Toedipper were completely tied up by their Stormwind Knights, whereas I was very limited as to what I could do for Overlords of Orgrimmar. We tried to find a workable solution but in the end it was a lot of hassle for very little results. So, after giving it a lot of thought, yesterday Lozii decide to transfer guild ownership to me.

Hopefully, you will not notice much of a change. The only thing that will be different is that I will be able to implement changes a lot quicker than I used to do. We will continue to plan guild events, make fun in chat, and have a good time while discovering the far reaches of Azeroth and Outland. But, as we do this, I realize that we are all in debt to Lozii and Toedipper, who have put in a tremendous amount of energy and time into getting the guild airborne. Thanks to both of you, for all the work and the good times: You will always be at the heart of Overlords of Orgrimmar.


Blizzard Retrospective

Bjorck, Mar 29, 11 8:46 AM.

About a month ago Blizzard launched their "20th Anniversary" site, and then failed to provide updates. That happens to a lot of websites, including this one :p So, if you are like me, you stopped looking at it after a couple of days. Lucky for you, I cleaned up my bookmarks this Monday, and had another look. Turns out they have added one(!) whole new video.

But, it's an entertaining watch, and if you are in any way interested in the history of Blizzard, or just gaming in general, I highly recommend this video. It's fun to see these guys recalling the early days of "Silicon and Synapses" (wait.. what.. don't they make boobies from that?), and their struggle through the early years when bankrupcy was always only a week away... Anyway, get yourself a coffee, tea or 24 Finnish beers and enjoy Blizzard Retrospective.

Friday Night Guild Run Fun

Bjorck, Mar 23, 11 6:57 AM.
Last Friday, after a suggestion by Buhrman earlier in the week, the Overlords ran their first raids! There are loads of dragons, ogres and wizards in Azeroth and beyond that have yet to be introduced to our guild. But at Blizzard it was decided that, for a guild to meet some of the foulest creatures of the World of Warcraft, you need a delegation of at least eight. Times have changed since David and his legendary slingshot soloed Goliath...

Five... and counting

The first hour we did several old dungeon guild achievs while we waited for the magical number of eight attendees to be reached. We got nine! On to our first challenge: The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. Now I'm not a raider, so all the content was new to me and I have to say: it was pretty good. The graphics, the fights, the atmosphere: it was jaw-dropping for a first time visitor like me. Seems the developers put a lot of time and effort in these raids that are probably never seen by the majority of the players.

What the deuce? Victory shall be mine!

Bloated with confidence, we moved into Outland and did two more raids there. Magtheridon received a visit, although he didn't seem surprised when we turned up. I guess he's seen it all before. Then Gruul invited us to his lair, and we showed our gratitude by beating the shit out of him. Meh, they'll probably recover...

Obviously, everyone agreed that we should do this more often. So Friday is our next run: we plan to crash the party at Karazhan. So if you are in the mood and have some free time next Friday, just log on your char and we'll see that we get a spot for you. If we get more than 10 players, we may even change plans and do some of the classic 40-man raids. Party starts at 20:30 but we are flexible enough that you can probably join a little later if you can't make it.

A Word about Promotions

Bjorck, Mar 15, 11 1:46 PM.

As you may have read in the guild information, Overlords had a promotion system that was fully based on deposits you made in the guild vault. We believe that, in a social guild, rank shouldn't matter as much as in other guilds. So we use guild rank to limit access to guild property. The idea is simple: You don't give, you don't get.

Recently I have made some changes to the system:You can now also receive promotion points for depositing gold or being in the top three weekly contributor list. The first one for obvious reasons. For weekly contributors, I feel they contribute much to guild perks that benefit everyone, and should be rewarded for it.

I want the system to be transparent, so everyone knows how it works and everyone can keep an eye on their own progress. So here is the rundown:

You receive points for:

  • Green deposit: 1 point
  • Blue deposit: 2 points
  • Purple deposit : 4 points
  • Gold: amount/5 points
  • Weekly contributors: 3, 2, 1 points for top three

You will need increasingly more points to promote to higher ranks. To promote from Grunt to Guard, you will only need 10 points. However, becoming an Overlord as a Grunt will cost you 210 points total. Here is the full overview:

  • Grunt to Guard: 10 points
  • Guard to Legionnaire: 20 points
  • Legionnaire to Champion: 30 points
  • Champion to Warbringer: 50 points
  • Warbringer to Overlord: 100 points

In the past we have seen the guild bank get overstocked. I intend to prevent that from now on. Excess items will be vendored and money put back in the guild vault. The idea behind the whole operation is, beside keeping items readily available for leveling guildies, to make sure we get a constant influx of gold. Happy depositing all!


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